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Bok Blues presents original blues music inspired by love and many more additional feelings people experience when in love. Bok Blues, comprises Zoran Haramincic – Hara, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and Davor Buncic – Buna, vocalist, lyricist, harmonica player.  Both are veteran members of the Croatian blues scene, and currently are the songwriting members of BE HA VE, a blues band which plays original songs in americana and blues styles. BOok blues enthused the jury and organizers at the 12th Croatian Blues Challenge (12th CBC) in Zagreb in 2019 and as the winning performer, gained the right to represent Croatia and the Croatian Blues Forces (HBS), an association licensed for the Blues Challenge, at the international blues competition in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Bok Blues ranked semifinalists at the 37th International Blues Challenge in May 6-9 2022, for the 37th time in the cradle of blues and the city where Rock ‘n’ Roll originated – Memphis.

CROATIA: Członkowie zespołu
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