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Petra Börnerová trio is a project of Czech vocalist Petra Börnerová and her husband, drummer and guitarist Tomáš Bobrovniczký and their son Tomáš. Their repertoire is based on blues covers and also original folk-blues compositions.  Petra can tell a story in a song, with lots of technique to spare. The trio have an interesting, light approach to blues which makes their performances intimate and engaging. Petra Börnerová trio has given already hundreds of concerts, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in a number of other European countries (HU, SK, PL, DE, AT, CH, CRO and SRB). 
They are /used to play, record, support, share stage or jam with many well known international artists including: Gwyn Ashton, Eddie Martin, Bob Margolin, Chris Duarte, Kenny Neal, EB Davis, Guitar Shorty, Louisianna Red, Billy Branch, Eric Bibb, Steve Big Man Clayton,Hans Theessink,...
Tomáš Bobrovniczký was named „Bluesman of year 2012“ by the Slovakian Blues Society. 
Petra and Tomáš were awarded in 2017 by music portal as „International Musical Personality 2016“ .
Petra Börnerová trio was awarded in 2018 by music portal as „International Musical Personality 2017“ .
Petra Börnerová trio was awarded in 2019 by music portal as „International Musical Personality 2018“ .
Petra Börnerová trio is the winner of „Czech Blues Challenge 2022“.
Petra Börnerová - accordion, vocal
Tomáš Bobrovniczký-  acoustic and resophonic guitar, vocal 
Tomáš Bobrovniczký junior - drums

CZECH REPUBLIC: Członkowie zespołu
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