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Sahra da Silva and band plays primarily original songs written by Sahra. The style of the music is a mix of soul, blues and retro-pop. Sahra is currently working on a new album in collaborating with musician and producer Laust “Krudtmejer" Nielsen. Two singles are out already; "Learn To Love Again" and "Just A Bit Crazy” and two more on the way. 
In 2020, Sahra released the critically acclaimed album #blueswoman, which features a mix of Sahra's own tracks, as well as a few interpretations of old soul and blues classics and. Sahra has been nominated for the Danish Music Award - Blues 4 times.
One of Sahra's great strengths is that she easily and effortlessly balances at the crossroads between a lot of different genres, especially soul, jazz and blues and she has rightly been described by music critics as a pure ‘powerhouse’, due to her powerful voice and her dedicated stage performances. In addition she masters a dynamic that is rarely seen, and she pierces any heart with just her subtle tone and strong presence. 
Sahra da Silva - vocal, percussion
Rune Højmark - guitar
Lasse Storgaard - hammond organ, keys
Laust Krudtmejer Nielsen - bass
Jens Stoklund Jensen - drums

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