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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get in?

When you get to Sztygarka (the EBC location), you need to first exchange your ticket for a bracelet. You will be able to do so at the Ticket Office. How to get to the Ticket Office? Once at Sztygarka, head for the stage. The ticket office will be on your right (when looking at the stage). See the map for more details.

Do kids get in for free?

Yes; kids ages 0-16 get in free of charge. Their complimentary bracelets can be picked up at the Ticket Office (school kids will need to show a school ID to prove their age). All kids ages 16 or younger have to be accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

What time will the gates be open?

Gates will open an hour before the beginning of the event.

Can I take pictures or bring in a tripod?

Tripods are not allowed. You will be able to shoot pictures in such a way that you will not obstruct the stage for anyone in the audience or disturb anyone sitting nearby.

Can I bring an animal?

It is forbidden to bring dogs and other animals to the area of the Event.

Can I bring drinks?

Drinks that are forbidden: alcoholic beverages and all liquids and beverages in glass and plastic containers over 0.5 l and in metal cans.

Will drinks and food be available?

Yes, there will be a food court with drinks and food. Please note that all food and beverages will have to be consumed within the food court (to comply with Mass Event regulations). 

Can I smoke at the EBC?

Smoking tobacco and cigarettes will be prohibited on the premises of the EBC.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, the curfew is 23:00.

Shows will end around 22:30.

Will there be seats available?

Yes, there will be a limited amount of seats at the EBC, available on a first come first serve basis.

Where to eat in Chorzów (other than on the EBC site)?

Kraken Restopub 

Address: Chorzów, Rynek 13/U3

Thursday & Sunday 1pm - 11 pm

Friday & Saturday 1pm - 01 am

What EBC-related events and places should I visit?

  • The EBC Before Party feat. The Boogie Boys

  • Galeria Sztuki Muzycznej i Obrazu w Chorzowie (The Gallery of Music and Image Art in Chorzów). It’s a "living museum" created on the basis of restored audio equipment from the 1960s and 1970s and containing a unique collection of turntables, amplifiers, loudspeakers and tape recorders. The gallery will be hosting the Blues Expo — a collection of photographs from past editions of the EBC.
    Location: Chorzów, Rynek 1, Pawilon A
    Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 1pm - 7pm 

Where should I stay?

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation close to the EBC grounds we recommend Park Inn by Radisson Katowice

You can get there from the KTW airport by taking the direct M11 bus line. Get off at the “Bytkowska Centrum Targowe” stop, located in front of the hotel.

Why does the EBC take place in Chorzow and the suggested hotel is located in Katowice?

Don’t worry! It’s all very close! ;-) Both Chorzów and Katowice (along with a dozen of other cities and towns) are part of the Katowice Metropolitan Area where cities are neighboring back to back, which often makes it hard to tell when you’re leaving one and entering another. Go to to learn more about this metro area and the history of the industrial Upper Silesia region!

How do I get to Chorzów from the KTW Airport?

You can use public transportation. There are bus lines operating between the Katowice Airport and the Main Train Station in Katowice. From there you can simply take any local transportation (bus or tram) or a local train to travel between Katowice and Chorzów. For timetables and detailed itineraries check: (bus & tram) or  (train)

You can also use popular apps like Bolt or Uber!

How do I get to Chorzów from the KRK Airport?

There are buses going from the Kraków Airport to Katowice and Chorzów. Check for timetables and fares. Make sure to book your ride in advance.

There is also a train station at the KRK airport terminal. You can take a train to downtown Kraków where you will be able to change for Katowice or Chorzów. Go to for timetables and fares.

Is there any local transportation in Chorzów and Katowice Metropolitan Area and where do I buy tickets for it?

The network of buses and trams within the Katowice Metropolitan Area is operated by a company called ZTM. Go to their website for timetables and fares. You can also download the app “JakDojade” (available in English for Android and iOS). It will help you plan your trips with local buses/trams (just type in the destination’s address or stop name and follow the map to get to the nearest stop). The app will also allow you to buy your ticket(s). 

What are the bus/tram stops closest to the EBC grounds?

Sztygarka (address: Piotra Skargi 34, Chorzów) is located between two stops: “Chorzów Szyb Prezydent” and “Chorzów Rynek”. 

What is the local currency?

The currency in Poland is the Zloty (PLN). The exchange rate is approximately 1 PLN = 0,22 EUR. Even though most establishments should accept cards and contactless payments, it will probably be smart to have some cash on hand, just to be safe. 

Where does the pre-party take place?

On Thursday night the show will take place indoors at MDK Batory (address: Batorego 6, Chorzów). Go to "venues" for more information.

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