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Hi-Five Quintet is a Finnish, Helsinki based band and is best known for their energetic live performances specializing in blues, rhythm & blues and soul music. In 2018 the band released their first record “High Life With High Five Quintet” and the next release “Rhythm & Blues For Hungry Souls” will be out in 2023. 
Hi-Five Quintet has performed since 2014 when guitar player Olli Virkkunen and lead vocalist Saara Koivisto started a collaboration together. After some years of playing covers of 1950s and 1960s rhythm & blues, jump blues and soul classics, the group moved the emphasis to creating original music and the new album will include mainly original songs. In 2019 the band participated for first time in Finland’s EBC competition and after winning the Finnish final in 2022 are proud to represent Finland in Poland in 2023.
Saara Koivisto – lead vocals
Kimmo Lehtola – bass and vocals
Jari Martikainen – keys and vocals
Markku Mäntymaa – drums and vocals
Olli Virkkunen – guitar

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