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The building now known as the Municipal Culture Center „Batory” (Miejski Dom Kultury „Batory”) was built in 1887 as a tavern, offering not only food but also entertainment. In 1919 it was bought by a nearby church to serve as a catholic union house. After WWII the facility was taken over by the adjacent „Batory” steelworks and turned into a cultural institution for the steelworks employees. In 1995 it became a municipal culture center, and it’s been serving the local community ever since by offering a wide range of cultural attractions: from classes for kids, to theater and music shows to well established blues festivals like „Bluestracje” or „Blues Alive”.

MDK „Batory” will host the EBC pre-event on June 1, 2023.

MDK Batory: Obraz
MDK Batory: Galeria
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