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Rockin', sleazy and electrified... Little Hat mix it all up in a relentless groove that flows like it came from a one-man band. Their tight, raw, and primitive sound will take you back to a time when "rocking" also meant a lot of "rolling" going on. And the heavy dance rhythms almost make you forget the fact that the low parts are not filled out by a bass player, but by the drummer’s right foot. This Rhythm Bomb/Rockstar recording band boasts the company of Dutch Blues Hall of Fame inductee Willem van Dullemen, who is complemented by frontman Machiel Meijers' raw and impassioned vocal and harp work. This "tough-as-nails" duo is rounded out by the driving rhythms of ace drummer Paolo de Stigter. Their debut album “Wine, Whiskey & Wimmen” -produced by US blues award winning producer Little Victor- has been given excellent national and international reviews. Expect wild grooves and hot licks when you come to a Little Hat show… But above all make sure to bring your dancing shoes as you’ll find it impossible to sit still when these Dutch Blues Challenge winners get down to business!!!
Machiel Meijers - Vocals/Harmonica
Willem van Dullemen - Guitar/backing vocals
Paolo de Stigter - Drums/backing vocals

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