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The Southern Cockroaches is a Romanian blues band formed in 2014, in the city of Craiova by piano and harmonica player Dorian Rosu. 
"Joviality, frankness and selfless enthusiasm", this is how AG Weinberger, the European Blues Challange Ambasador in Romania, described the band. 
The members gradually came together, with the components now being: Dorian Rosu (''Lazy Red'') - keyboards, piano and harmonica, Bogdan Miscoci Ionut (''The Bearded Man'') - vocals, Dorian Cucu - electric guitar, Edi Oprea (''The Hat Man'') - rhythm guitar, Matei Razvan (''The Teacher'') - bass guitar, Ovidiu Chiva (''The Big Chief'') - drums and percussion and Alina Miscoci - backing vocals. 
They first started having gigs at local pubs and from 2017 they hit the stage and began playing at blues festivals around the country. They performed at every ''Open Air Blues Festival Brezoi'' editions (2017,2018,2019, 2020, 2021). In 2020, 2021 they participated at  ''Open Air Blues In The Garden'' in Darmanesti (Bacau, Romania) and in 2021 they performed at ''Suceava Blues Fest'' as well. The band is curently working on their debut album "Whispers of Blues", a collection of original songs, inspired by artists such as BB King, Muddy Waters and Freddie King.
Dorian Rosu - keyboards, piano, harmonica
Miscoci Bogdan - vocals
Matei Razvan - bass guitar
Edi Oprea - rhythm guitar
Dorian Cucu - electric guitar
Ovidiu Chiva - drums, percussion
Miscoci Alina - backing vocals

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